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Gallery projects 3

EPO1 is not just a building where exhibitions take place. Our goal is to bring art to as many people as possible in places that encourage it – whether it’s a former power station, a chapel or an open space.

Art in space

Power for Space

As the name suggests, this is a project that goes beyond the gallery itself.

“Space” can be seen as an unappreciated work of art, like a canvas without which nothing would exist. Seeing art in the context of space in its diversity brings the potential to expand the experience by a whole new dimension. So why reduce it to one building? One of the activities of the EPO1 gallery is the installation of sculptures in public space where they can be encountered
by both casual passers-by and art lovers who are purposefully seeking to experience them. 

We give space to young artists

Fresh Power

One of the main ideas and goals of EPO1 is to support young artists and make their work available to the public in the gallery space.

With this in mind, the Fresh Power project was created – an initiative as part of which we purchase sculptures by artists of the youngest generation and build their collection. This project will be part of the permanent exhibition in the EPO1 gallery.

Power of history

Art Point

There is a reconstructed chapel of St. Joseph in the village of Slavětín, about 15 minutes from the EPO1 gallery. The dilapidated building was bought by the Kasper family, redesigned beyond recognition and now linked to the EPO1 gallery with regard to its interior and exterior design and furnishings.

The interior of the chapel is dominated by a modern altar decorated with floating wire sculptures by Veronika Psotková. The composition of statues depicts St. Joseph holding baby Jesus, surrounded by figures of angels. Another work of art, a steel sculpture with the motif of a Lily, which is an attribute of St. Joseph and whose author is sculptor Michal Gabriel, is on display next to the chapel in the also revitalised and well-maintained courtyard.