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What did it take to transform the power plant into the Centre for Contemporary Art? Apart from a century, it was mostly a unique idea and a lot of work. The historic building of the original Poříčí 1 Power Plant in Trutnov, which stands on the production site of KASPER KOVO, is changing its appearance.

What is EPO1

A unique place for art exhibitions

The genius loci of the historic building stemming from its industrial nature appealed to Rudolf
Kasper, the founder and managing director of the company, so much that he decided to revitalise
the building into a Verne-esque technician’s world with an artistic touch. 

Výstava Volume v EPO1

The five-storey building on the eastern outskirts of Trutnov opened to the public for the first time in May 2023. At this time, the functional part was completed, providing timeless spaces for sculptures and reliefs of extraordinary dimensions, just the kind that do not fit in other Czech galleries. The generous interiors with high ceilings, which have been well renovated, provide the necessary space for the exhibiting artists, and offer visitors and the professional public a unique experience of encountering contemporary art.

What does it look like here? ?


Česká televize - Podnikatelský přínos kultuře a umění 2021 - R. a R. Kasperovi, KASPER GROUP
TuTV - O projektu EPO1 - Rudolf Kasper
Permanent exhibition

We give space to young artists

We are building a collection of artwork by young artists which can be seen on display as part of a long-term exhibition in the gallery.

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