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Jízda (Ride)

The Bicycle and the Phenomenon of Cycling in Contemporary Art
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Power for Space

Meet art in more places in the Czech Republic
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Art Point

Power of History

Kaple sv. Josefa, Slavětín
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Current exhibitions


We can read the exhibition title, VOLUME, on two levels – in the sense of the loudness intensity, as we know it from any sound device button, and therefore as a reference to the sphere of sound in general. But it also means “capacity” – a term antithetical to the former, referring to the material existence of bodies in space. This ambiguity is the essence of our display, mapping the relationship between sound and art. We showcase three-dimensional works, paintings, concepts, and videos.

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Jízda (The Ride exhibition)

The exhibition focuses on the depiction of bicycles and their role in human life. The work of more than forty artists of several generations will be presented in the former power plant. It is the most extensive exhibition ever devoted to the phenomenon of bicycles and cycling on a Czech Republic and international basis.

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EPO1 Contemporary Art Centre invites you to the exhibition Fresh Power –⁠ motives and tendencies of the youngest generation of domestic sculpture.

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Exterior exposure

Power for

One of the activities of the EPO1 gallery is the installation of sculptures in public space where they can be encountered by both casual passers-by and art lovers who are purposefully seeking to experience them.

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of the EPO I power plant

The permanent exhibition in EPO1 is devoted to the history of the EPO I power plant and the production of electricity in the Trutnov region.

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Level IV

Dive-in -

In EPO1 you can see a site-specific installation by sculptor Veronika Psotková. The floating figures made of rabbit net are typical for the artist's work, but in the "tunnel" of the former power plant they appear in a completely different light and atmosphere.

Exterior exposure


Matěj Olmer, Michal Škapa and Petr Königsmark show themselves in their clearly recognizable positions in the EPO1 area. Quite naturally, they bring contemporary art to the exterior, outside the gallery walls, where they present visitors with their original and individual vision framed by the distinctive, bold brickwork of the former First Republic power plant.

Project ArtPoint

There is a reconstructed chapel of St. Joseph in the village of Slavětín, about 15 minutes from the EPO1 gallery. The dilapidated building was bought by the Kasper family, redesigned beyond recognition and now linked to the EPO1 gallery with regard to its interior and exterior design and furnishings.

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6. 7. 2024 6 PM

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