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Dílo z výstavy Volume
EPO1 - Invitation


23. 5. 2023 – 25. 2. 2024
EPO1 - Elektrárenská 322

EPO1 Contemporary Art Centre invites you to the exhibition Volume – the acoustic dimension of contemporary art.

We can read the exhibition title, VOLUME, on two levels – in the sense of the loudness intensity, as we know it from any sound device button, and therefore as a reference to the sphere of sound in general. But it also means “capacity” – a term antithetical to the former, referring to the material existence of bodies in space. This ambiguity is the essence of our display, mapping the relationship between sound and art. We showcase three-dimensional works, paintings, concepts, and videos; however, the monumental character of the Turbine Hall called for the prevalence of spatial art. At the same time, the hall once had a distinct acoustic dimension – the sound of machinery – which disappeared with its new function.

A guided tour of the exhibition with curator Daniela Kramerová will take place on Thursday 21 September at 5 pm.

Tickets for the guided tour can be purchased on the GoOut website.