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Power Post Station
EPO1 - Invitation

Power Post Station

23. 5 – 3. 11. 2023
EPO1 - Elektrárenská 322

EPO1 Centre for Contemporary Art invites you to the exhibition Power Post Station – energy conversion in contemporary
visual art.

Since Galvani’s discovery in 1791, the notion of energy as simple electricity has evolved beyond just a means of meeting our daily needs.

However, the sovereignty of this concept is often overlooked, reduced to a mere sign and abstracted symbol compressed into predetermined mechanisms and principles of its production, under the weight of social automatisms associated with transitioning to cleaner energy production. Electricity has become an integral part of our lives and bodies, bringing us back two centuries to Galvani’s discovery. Despite being a philosophical metaphor, the circle is coming full circle. The essence of the Power Post Station lies in an awareness of the past where the “miracle of electrification” started in the Podkrkonoší region. Although energy is now perceived as an absolute commonplace, the station aims to capture, display and name energy in its widest range of forms. Energy is no longer limited to its primary nature as electrical but is a complex value integral to all processes, beings, organisms and systems. Through the Power Post Station project, we witness the results of capturing the essence of the laws of energy present in many shapes and forms without the need for accurate analysis of the processes and phenomena within individual materials and organisms.

A guided tour of the exhibition with curator Jan Kudrna will take place on Thursday 14 September at 5 pm.

Tickets for the guided tour can be purchased on the GoOut website.